Thank You for stopping by, and I want to encourage you to joi my contact list. Please see below for details on that,and if you have been following me you can see that I have made many changed to this website, but I am about yo make more.  I will have a soon to be released recording called `Strong Enough To Try`, which will be available to you, in both CD and digital format. This will be happening over the next several weeks and I will keep all my contacts updated!

Several days after the Capitol Insurrection I was out hiking at Thunderbird Conservation in Glendale Arizona and when I got to the top of the Mountain I saw this blue stone with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr, surrounded by miniature USA flags that people left there. This was an inspiration for my song ‘Divided We Cannot Stand’.

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Performing my song Divided We Cannot Stand at the 2023 Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City.