Tims take on music



                                                                        TIM YOUNG


          Tim Young is a singer-songwriter who resides in Glendale Arizona and he loves being called a Folk singer and singer-

songwriter. His style combines many elements of traditional folk, folk-rock, country and acoustic blues into a unique

style.  After a ten year hiatus from music he returned to music following his fiftieth birthday with a renewed passion for

both writing lyrics and playing his guitar that continues to this day. His musical influences are diverse, and they include

Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan ( especially early Bob Dylan ), Nanci Griffith, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Mississippi

John Hurt, Doc Watson, and also....... The Beatles just to name a few.  He is primarily a singer-songwriter with his own

personal style that includes a unique blend of blues, bluegrass, and folk-folk. He is also influenced by guitarists such as

Tommy Emmanuel, and he loves to play the occasional instrumental such as the original `Can We Still Love`.

          Tim was also a former folk music DJ at W.E.C.S radio 90.1 fm out of Connecticut, and he can reflect  reflect back to

that  earlier time when the DJs controlled the music, and were able to invite guests to perform live on their programs. He

did not have to follow the rules or a format for his program, and artists such as The Nields, and Hugh Blumenfeld were

guests on his program.It was during this time that Tim developed a knowledge of music that has remained with him to this



                                                        He hopes that his music brings you joy........















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