My take on my Music

     Hello, my name is Tim Young, and the 1st thing that I hope for while you stop by and listen to my music, and listen to my music and watch some some videos is that you have some fun. I love music and I want you to catch that energy while you hear the tunes, and have fun while listening, while also stopping to think a little about life. Although it is trueI started to play the guitar when I was 9 nine years old, I will say that I will say that music is actually not something I have been doing all my life. In my late 30s I walked away from it, and did not pick up a guitar agin, until my fiftieth birthday. I am now 60 years old and 95% of the music and techniques and instruments that you hear on this site were learned during that time. 

   I am a singer-songwriter, and guitar stylist and instrumentalist, who also can get by on a banjo and harmonica. For songwriting I would listen to just about anyone who I thought was a great songwriter no matter what the genre. As a guitarist I taught  myself to play more than several styles, which include finger style, flat picking, (bluegrass style),and the delta style blues slide guitar. I may not consider myself to be an expert at any of these styles, but I love to try, and I hope that you have as much fun with the listening as I do with playing them. The songwriters that I am influenced by are really too many to mention, but Bob Dylan,(especially early Dylan), Steve Earle, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kate Wolf, and Nanci Griffith are all right there. However, I also listen to the traditional music of Mississippi John Hurt, Jean Ritchie, and Merle Travis. I try my best to play my music with a fresh approach that everyone can enjoy, and right now its all done by me, just my guitar vocals and words, and harmonica, and banjo.